Your clients like KABA and VINGCARD, they’re wondering why you’re promoting a brand they haven’t heard about.

Our SY11 offer unique advantages that help you to persuade them!

  • Dual Card Reader enable Magnetic and RFID
  • Standalone Mortise is more durable and easier to install
  • Replacing Program for different door thickness and existing drilling holes.

Model SY11 could be equipped with 2 kinds of reader : Magnetic and RFID reader.

SY11 is also ready for BLE or NFC upgrade, adapt with our standalone or online software toolkit.

This let hotel administrative having more flexibility and cost efficiency during their operation.

Find out how to save cost and improve management efficiency with dual card reader.

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Syron Sy11 Front View

Our standalone mortise offer many advantages that other brand won’t have.

  1. The mortise can be opened for over 200,000 times. In the condition of 10 opening per day, the lock can ensure a lifetime for over 10 years.
  2. Do not have any wire linking inside the mortise, make it easier for installation.
  3. Non Electric Mortise, make it more reliable in emergency situation
Discover advantages of our mortise, and also comparison with others.

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SY11 Lockcase V.1

Your staff may complain a lot about the complicate installation procedure of door locks. And you’re paying thousands of dollars for installation and maintenance.

Our model SY11 simplify a lot on installation with its unique design. This will help you save a lot time and money in the long run.

Find out how  SY11 door lock help you save cost from installation and maintenance.

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Stainless Steel SU304 Housing

In many hotels, they’re having great decoration and equipment. But why there still a rusted door lock? That is absolutely not acceptable for a good hotel experience. Our stainless steel housing will keep the door lock looks like the new in a very long-term.

Easy to change battery

For normal hotel locks, It is always embarrsing to change the battery when clients is staying in the room. But if you don’t change the battery, clients will get angry as they can’t get access to their room.

Aim to this situation,our battery box is positioned at the front panel of the door locks, which let the staff change the batter easily without distrubing the guest inside the room.

 Hotel Lock Type  Standalone Electronic RFID Door Lock
 Application  Suitable for small to very large scale hotels
 Access Method  Card Key and Mechanical Key
 Mechanical Key  2 pcs
 Material  Stainless Steel
 Surface finishing  Brushed Steel
 Latch Style  Available in Tubular Latch and Mortise Latch versions
 Audit Track in Lock  512 opening records
 Installation Door Range  37-52mm
 Backset Options  56/70mm
 Static Current  <=20 uA
 Dynamic Current  <=200 mA
 Working Temperature  – 25 ~ 65 °c
 Standard Factory Warranty  One year
 Extended Warranty  Consult with us with details
Installation Template
Installation Template

SY11 Installation Guidance [2.2MB]  Download

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