Do your frequent Clients complain about cards de-magnetic? Are you suffering from loss of large amount waste of Cards?


  1. Enhancing Open Experience

We often heard from clients complaining about de-magnetic issue. Which is hurting staying experience badly.

You can’t image how angry the guest will be when they get block outside their room, (Extremely in night time)

Using RFID card will avoid this embarrassment from happening again. However, RFID card will cost much more compared with magnetic cards.


  1. Saving cost from Card wastes.

In many areas, clients don’t have the habit of returning the key cards after stay. This will add up to a large amount money in the long-term.

Take an example of a hotel with 2,000 rooms. The occupancy rate is about 100% during hot season. Every room will need 2-4 cards per day. This will add up to 4,000 to 6,000 cards issued per day.

If a RFID card cost 2.0 USD, that will be about 8,000USD to 12,000USD per day.

But if you’re using magnetic card instead, the cost will be reduced to 1,200 – 1,800 USD per day.

Aiming the problems above, SYRON has developed SY11 model equipment with both magnetic and RFID reader to help hotel manager dealing with all kinds problem.