1. Durability

Syron’s Lockcase can be opened for over 200,000 times. (ANSI standard is about 100,000 opening)

Theoretically, the lifetime of the lockcase is above 10 years. (50 opening per day)


  1. Quality Material

The side panel, latch and deadbolt are made of SUS304. Which has good performance in wet condition.


  1. Non-Electrify Lockcase

The lockcase is made of stainless steel. It can bare a hi-temperature up to 900oC.

The panel are made of Zinc-alloy, which can survive from temperature below 400 oC.

And there’s no any electronic part inside the lockcase. It is very easy to maintenance, since only need to change PCB/Motor/Battery in front panel.


  1. Easy Installation

No wiring during the installation, and no need to install separated latch. Which simplify the installation process a lot.


  1. Anti Brute Force

The latch can support Horizontal Pressure up to 3000(N), and Vertical Pressure up to 1500N.

SY11 Lockcase V.1
Mortise Comparison
Mortise Comparison