This door lock use the Bright Metal Border and the Smooth Acrylic Panel to build elegant makings, quiet suitable for household using.

Its multi-unlocking ways, by Card Key, Password and Mechanical Key can fulfill different users in family.

You can get more control over who has access to your home: just assign a temporary code to who needs and delete it when you see fit. You also can give the card key for elders in family, who may have a little hard to input the password.

Application - Office


Model SY73 can be unlocked by Password.

Now you can go keyless totally, and don’t need to worry lost the key, and changes the lock when keys are missing or somebody leaves.

It also supports to hide your real password with other random digits, no more to worry the password was peeped.



password-for office
Application - Apartment / Home

Never worried again for locking yourself out of your house. SY73 can be unlocked not only by password, but also Key Card. Furthermore, it still provides the Electronic Key and Mechanical Key as back-up.

You can issue temporary passcode or keycard to families and friends while you’re outside, and you can delete/cancel them if no need it anymore.

Application - House for Rental

House for Rent

Your tenants won’t need to change the door lock each time they move in. Thus, the Door will keep better than those changes lock often.

Moreover, you now have more control over your properties. Cancel the tenants’ password and keycards when their tenancy is expired.



Application - house-for-rent
FEATURE - Easy to change Battery-Box

As we know the battery box is the damageable part of electronic door lock, since it is easy to be impact by the leakage of batteries; but it is also a very important part of door lock, once it is not working, then means the lock is not working.

For normal electronic door locks, it is hardly to replace the battery box if it is damage.

Aim to this situation,our battery box is designed to be easy replaced.



Our standalone mortise offer many advantages that other brand won’t have.

  1. The mortise can be opened for over 200,000 times. In the condition of 10 opening per day, the lock can ensure a lifetime for over 10 years.
  2. Do not have any wire linking inside the mortise, make it easier for installation.
  3. Non Electric Mortise, make it more reliable in emergency situation
Discover advantages of our mortise, and also comparison with others.

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SY11 Lockcase V.1


Household Lock Type  Standalone RFID Card and Password Door Lock
 Application  Suitable for home, office and apartment
 Access Method  Card Key, Password, Electronic Key and Mechanical Key
 Capacity of Card  Max. 32
 Capacity of Password  Max. 32
 Mechanical Key  2 pcs
 Material  Zinc Alloy
 Surface finishing  Bright Chrome, Satin Nickel and PVD
 Latch Style  Available in Mortise Latch version
 Installation Door Range  37-52mm
 Backset Options  56/70mm
 Dynamic Current  <=200 mA
 Working Temperature  – 25 ~ 65 °c
 Standard Factory Warranty  One year
 Extended Warranty  Consult with us with details

SY73-key User Guide [2.2MB]  Download