SY72 RFID Hotel Door Lock got massive praise from customer for its Aesthetic Appearance.

It has the design of full Flat Acrylic Faceplate with Metal Border Design.

With such a lock on your door, guests will feel a sense of modern from the entrance.

Integrated RFID Reader

The main advantages of RFID cards is that the hotel guest do not need to be removed from the wallet or pass holder – as the keycard reader can usually read them from a few inches away.

And the RFID card reader is integrated into the Front Panel and no exposed card reader on the surface of the lock, which prevent water/dust from getting inside the lock and cause failure.

Standalone Mortise

Our standalone mortise offer many advantages that other brand won’t have.

  1. The mortise can be opened for over 200,000 times. In the condition of 10 opening per day, the lock can ensure a lifetime for over 10 years.
  2. Do not have any wire linking inside the mortise, make it easier for installation.
  3. Non Electric Mortise, make it more reliable in emergency situation
Discover advantages of our mortise, and also comparison with others.

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SY11 Lockcase V.1
Electronic Keys for Backup

The Electronic Key could be used on Syron Hotel Lock. Different password could be set on each of the door lock. And in emergency situation the Ekey could supply the power for opening the door. This function can perfectly replace original mechanical keys. And reduce the risk of technical openings.

 Hotel Lock Type  Standalone Electronic RFID Door Lock
 Application  Suitable for small to very large scale hotels
 Access Method  Card Key and Mechanical Key
 Mechanical Key  2 pcs
 Material  Stainless Steel
 Surface finishing  Brushed Steel
 Latch Style  Available in Tubular Latch and Mortise Latch versions
 Audit Track in Lock  512 opening records
 Installation Door Range  37-52mm
 Backset Options  56/70mm
 Static Current  <=20 uA
 Dynamic Current  <=200 mA
 Working Temperature  – 25 ~ 65 °c
 Standard Factory Warranty  One year
 Extended Warranty  Consult with us with details

SY72 Installation Guidance [2.2MB]  Download