SYRON Standard Software Kit

Software PreviewSoftware PreviewHere introducing SYRON Standard Locking Management System. The software has 2 version for different hotel management condition.

The complete version has all necessary functions for Middle and Large scale hotel management. Including Elevator control, Access Control, Function Rooms etc… And it can adapt with mainstream PMS system like Fedelio and OPERA.

Another one is Basic version, the Basic version software is very suitable for Small hotels or Motels who don’t have complex function requirement. Basic Version Software is also covering follows functions System Setting, Room Management, Query Maintenance, issuing room cards and reading room card details etc…
Compared with complete version, It is much more easier to handle.

 Basic Function

 Additional Function

 System Setting
 Lift System Management
System Setting Icon
  • Set default information and operator information
  • Set additional features such as System of Lift Control, Public Door and Function Room
Lift Control Icon
  • Max. support floors are 48 floors
  • Can set limitation on Lift
  • Valid card key can use Lift, and go to the corresponding floor only
 Room Management
 Public Door System Management
Room Management Icon
  • set the room data for hotel
  • Set emergency administrate card
Public Door Icon
  • Can set limitation on Entrance Door
  • Only valid card key can enter public door
 Query Maintenance
 Function Room System Management
Query Icon
  • track the Latest/Cleaned records
  • Maintain Records
  • Restore Data
Function Room Icon
  • Can add the function room for hotel, such
  • Gym, Pool, and Ball room etc…
  • Set different permission for guest card to use the Function Rooms

SYSTEM Component Overview

SYSTEM Component












Card Encoder

-The card encoder is connected to the PC through standard USB Port

-With our hotel management software you can issue the staff cards and guest cards

-Fast read the information on staff and guest cards

-Supporting staff card, then no need password

Card Encoder

Portable Programmer/Handhold

  1. Setup Function

-Portable Programmer connected with a PC, exchanging data.

-Synchronize the clock in lock. Collect all data of unlock records from the lock.

-Transmitting room data to the lock, including room number, public data and working time periods, etc…

  1. Audit Function

-Portable Programmer contains a built in real time clock. It can be used to check and calibrate clock on door locks.

-The Portable Programmer can be used to check any reason for unlocking failure.

-Can be exchanged information with PC through USB Port of the Encoder, exchanging information with the door lock wireless.

Portbale Programmer

Management Software features

 Software Features  Capabilities
 Rooms  1000
 Users  1024
 Function Room Group  8
 Database  Ms-access, Client Server SQL
 Interface Options Available  TCP/IP, Fidelio Opera, DLL
 Access Management  Flexible and customized
 Time shift Control  Yes
 Card Verification  Yes
 Emergency Administrate Card  Yes
 Pre-issue Card  Yes, can be programmed from Specific start time
 Audit Trail  Unlimited
 Additional Access Points  Elevator Access Controller and Public Door Access Controller
 Front Desk Equipment  PC based with external Encoder and Portable Programmer
 Lock Technology  RFID, Magnetic Stripe and Combo

Solution for Medium & Large Hotel

This solution is mainly for Luxury Hotel, which is to provide completed hotel functions/related accessories, such as interface connection with Hotel PMS System, the Access Control System for Entrance, Parking, Fitness Center etc…

Complete Version

Solution for Small Size Hotel & Inns/Motels

This solution is for the Economic Hotel, which do not require for many other accessories work together with locks. And without complicate configuration in software. This solution contains Hotel Door Lock, Door Lock Management System, Key Card and Energy Saving Switch only. It can fulfill all basic functions of hotel and help hotel owner saving the budgets.

Basic Version

Hotel Door Lock Solution [2.2MB] Download